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About Me

Hi there! My name is Longsheng Du (杜隆生), also go by Logan.
I grew up in Lanzhou, a small capital city in northwest China, then moved to Beijing where I received my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University. Additionally, I went to University of Utah as a visting student, studied computer engineering during 2016-2017.
My hobbies include drinking coffee, hanging out with friends, traveling and learning about different cultures. I also enjoy reading and spending quiet time with my thoughts from time to time.

Fort Douglas Station, Salt Lake City, Utah

As a software engineer, my main interests lie in HPC and system softwares, especially compilers. I enjoy exploring how things work in a computer system form softwares to microarchitectures. My recent projects involving low level AI/ML framworks, e.g. oneDNN Graph Compiler.
My professional career started at 2018, I have of experence in software developing as of today😏, currently working at Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Center, based in Shanghai.

Hongkou, Shanghai
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